Seasonal Rules and Conditions

The seasonal site is for up to four family members. Visitors are not included.

No subleasing. Visitors must pay standard visitor fees.

We must have a current copy of proof of comprehensive / full insurance coverage, and the trailer /

motorhome must have current tags mounted on rig.

No buildings or permanent structures of any kind are to be added to the sites or attached to the campers.

No car or trailer washing

Standard campground rules apply

Camping Usage for the period between April 1st and September 31st is based on weekend usage plus 2 weeks’ vacation time, or approximately 65 days of camping. For those of you wishing to camp more nights, for whatever reasons, please make arrangements with management for a customized plan to fit your camping needs or wants.

Stalls are not guaranteed as part of seasonal camping. Lack of availability does not constitute as a reason for refund. Make your stall reservations early to ensure availability.

No refunds for Seasonal rates once the site has been used for that month.

Cancellations for unused months will be subject to standard cancellation fees at regular rates.

Only one vehicle per site. Additional vehicles must park up front. DO NOT use open campsites or spaces for parking.

We DOT NOT PERMIT outdoor refrigerators, or indoor furniture outside. The site is to retain the look and feel of a campsite, not a home.

The dumpsters provided are for garbage generated on the campground and must not be used for any other purpose. Do not place other trash or discard items such as old carpeting, appliances, etc. in the dumpsters.

Seasonal cost does NOT include use of electric for heat. Propane must be used. If electric is used, True West has the right to charge additional fees to cover the costs associated.

Sign up, payment and Cancellations for Seasonal sites

Site sign up for the following season begins on September 1st and the deposit amount of $180.00 for water/electric sites and $210 for water/electric/septic must be paid at the time of sign up. Current seasonals wishing to change sites the following season may do so. Seasonal campers currently occupying a site have the option to keep the same site the following season, providing all bills are current and their deposit October 1st of the current season.

The first of each month thereafter, a minimum payment of $100 must be made until a total amount due is made by March 1st, or, the full amount can be paid by October 1st of the current year.
The monies received will be applied to the seasonal site balance. If the monthly payments are not made on a timely basis, you risk losing your site selected and all monies that have been paid to that date. Sites not covered with the required deposit will be released to the first party requesting the site and paying the required deposit.


Standard cancellation fees and conditions apply. If your cancellation is received outside of 2 weeks prior to your reservation, you will be refunded less the applicable administration fee. However, if you cancel inside of two weeks, the first week of your seasonal reservation will be retained at the standard camping rates. For example, if you have a water/electric site, the fee would be $182.00+ applicable taxes ($26x7 days).

Free RV parking during off-season (December 1st - March 1st) is offered to those going seasonal again the following year and paying the specified deposit by December 1st. If the decision is later made to not go seasonal, parking of rig will be due from the date the rig was parked through the date it is removed. Standard cancellation fees for cancelled seasonal reservation will apply.