Membership Rules and Conditions

1. Memberships must be paid in full at the time of purchase.
2. Reservations are required.
---- You do not have to make all reservations at time of purchased; you must call when you are ready to use your Membership.
3. Membership card must be presented at Checkin in order to use the Membership.
4. Memberships are for two night stays only. Stays cannot be combined to create extended stays.
5. Occupant of the site MUST be the Membership Owner.
6. Passes are non transferable.
7. Passes do not include stalls. Stall reservations must be made during reservation.
8. Non refundable if you downgrade. (ex: Membership is for w/e/s but you use w/e site. No refund for the difference.
9. Standard fees apply for upgrades. (ex. Membership is for w/e but you use w/e/s, you must pay the difference).
10. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other specials or promotions.
11. Regular cancellation rules and fees apply. Please see our Rates and Directions page for details.
12. Membership Passes are valid for one year from the date of PURCHASE, not the date of first reservation.
13. Final reservation must be inside the window of the Expiration date on the membership card.
13. Memberships are not a guarantee of availability when you call for a reservation.
14. Membership Passes are non-refundable upon first use. No partial refunds if not used within the eligibility date.
15. Membership cards will be mailed or can be picked up upon purchase.